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Model 14/20 holiday detector

Part No. 085-151
Output Voltage: 0.8kV to 35kV
Price: $4,200.00
Available for Rent: $30.00/Calendar Day
The D.E. Stearns Company, Holiday Detector Model 14/20

The 14/20 provides voltage ranges, from 800 volts to 35,000 volts. 
This exclusive features enables you to inspect any pipe coating, from the thinnest fusion bonded epoxies to the thickest hot applied enamels. The Model 14/20 is also watertight and completely sealed against the elements, so it can operate in any locality. The 14/20 main instrument is worn on a belt, keeping most of the weight on the operator and not contributing to arm fatigue when used on tanks, floors, walls, or other non-pipe structures. Weighing only 8 pounds the Model 14/20 is the most lightweight detector on the market and is ideal for all kinds of rugged field use and inclement weather. 


The "Safety Switch Feature". 
The Safety Handle allows the user much more control over the instrument and does not allow the instrument to be left energized when unattended. This feature provides safety not only for the operator but also for all others sharing a job site.


"Super bright" LED's" 
That are easily seen in bright daylight conditions.

  • Features
    Output Voltage Range Low: 800v - 8,000v/High: 3,500v - 35,000v Accuracy +/- 5% Input Voltage 6v Li Battery, 110v/220v AC Charger Safety Feature Safety Switch, Instant Shut-Off Screen Readout Integrated Voltmeter, with LCD Display Resolution 100 volts Quality Three Year Warranty Rugged Construction Mil-Spec Carrying Case w/Wheels Instrument Dimensions 2.5" x 21.5" x 2.75"(64mm x 546mm x 70mm) Carrying Case Dimensions 40.5" x 17" x 7"(1020mm x 432mm x 178mm)
  • Kit Includes
    Included with the New Model 10/20 Holiday Detector: Instrument with (2) 6v LiFePO4 Rechargeable Batteries 110v/220v AC Battery Charger Wand Handle 18" Ground Cable 20' Adapter to use "Spy" Spring Electrodes with DE Stearns wand handle Your Choice of Electrode* Voltage Adjusting Screwdriver Silicone-Rubber Inspection Paddle Mil-Spec Carrying Case w/Wheels Instruction Manual
  • Choice of Electrodes
    Choose one of the following electrodes to include with your kit: Full Circle Spring Electrode for any one pipe diameter between 2" and 36" Half Circle Spring Electrode for any one pipe diameter between 0.75" and 8" Silicone-Rubber, or Wire-Brush Electrode with any one width between 2" and 8" View Electrodes Page
  • Replacement Parts
    Carrying Case Part No. 029-241 Price: $335.00 6V Li Battery Part No. 010-040 Price: $151.80 Battery Charger (for Li batteries) Part No. 031-022 Price: $65.00 Battery Charger (for Lead-Acid batteries) Part No. 031-021 Price: $120.00 Orders Battery and Charger together Part No. 010-041 Price: $250.00 Screwdriver Part No. 073-069 Price: $2.00 Ground Cable, 20 foot Part No. 026-039s Price: $86.25 Wand Handle 18" Part No. 177-060s Price: $82.50 Compax Connector Part No. 005-115s Price: $53.35 Rubber Paddle Part No. 110-001 Price: $28.75 Side Handle Part No. 074-118 Price: $15.00
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